Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Professional Help - Part Two

It’s too bad there aren’t in-game divorces to go with those in-game marriages...think of all the in-game alimony a bad girl could bring in...not to mention the in-game therapy industry. All I need now is a toon named Lucy and a sign saying “The Doctor Is In.”

A lot of this post will be dedicated to all the goodies a level 80 can get, but I’ll also be dealing with stuff that even the newest of noobs can jump right into.

There are a couple of professions that seemed somewhat unloved for the longest time - namely fishing and cooking. Lately, they’ve been given a great deal more interest with the advent of the Sea Turtle mount, but there’s even more to be excited about than that (incredible as it may seem).

First of all, there’s the golden moneymaker, the Fish Feast. A stack of twenty can rake in over 200 gold on my server - with yours the money may vary, but the value of this item is incalculable. Figure it this way - a Fish Feast isn’t just an item you can sell, it’s an item that sells you. When you’re the kid with a Fish Feast, you’re prepared to buff a party even if you’re a class that doesn’t buff others (i.e. Rogues and hunters), and buffs mean better performances in instances and raids. The better your group performs, the less you die (and spend money), and the happier the world is all around. Isn’t a Fish Feast a marvelous thing? I thought you might agree. Pick up Fish Feast mats in Sholazar Basin (Nettlefish), Borean Tundra (Musselback Sculpin), and Grizzly Hills (Glacial Salmon).

But Fish Feasts are for those with high levels of cooking - what about the recipes and fishing along the way?

I cannot stress enough the value of Savory Deviate Delight - a random recipe drop from mobs in the Barrens that requires Deviate Fish to make. Deviate Fish can be fished up from pools that spawn in inland bound bodies of water in the Barrens, and occasionally outside of those pools. Yes, this recipe is incredibly hard to get, and sometimes it may be easier to buy the recipe off the AH than farm for it, but when and if you get it, you will be consistently able to sell stacks of Savory Deviate delight for good money. If the prices on the AH are low, save the stacks for yourself and become a pirate (or ninja). Really, it’s a win-win situation either way.

Along the way to becoming a fishing genius you can hunt for achievements like Old Crafty or Old Ironjaw. Achievements don’t necessarily give you money directly, but they are fun to acquire, and while you’re getting them you’re helping yourself level the cooking profession at the same time.

The real financial genius comes with fishing dailies a la Marcia Chase and Old Man Barlow - but dailies are another topic entirely. Pop in a good album you haven’t heard in a while, turn on the boob tube, or hold a philosophical question with a friend in the living room - it’s time to start fishing!

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